Corey Donenfeld - Web & UI/UX Designer

Merging your vision with my design. Creating a unique and engaging user experience. Making your brand have a lasting impact.

About me

What do I do?

I craft excellent user experiences through visual design and web development.

Front-End Web Development Visual Design Logo Design UX Design

I create websites, visual designs, and logos. I expand beyond the ordinary and form creative solutions. I take complex ideas and turn them into well-developed websites and/or designs.

I create lasting experiences through wonderfully made websites. I work with startup companies and freelancers to create them stunning, creative, and well-designed websites.


Creative Solutions
Creativity is infused throughout every design I create. My knowledge of design fundamentals enables me to work within and beyond the current trends to satisfy your requirements.
Responsive Design
A good website needs to render perfectly on all screen types. I complete compatibility checks for every website I create, ensuring they are all fully responsive.
Strong User Experience
My designs are modern, clean, and elegant allowing for a wonderful experience as a user. We will work together to merge your vision with my design to let your product shine.


"Corey has been a big help throughout my company's life, he's been there to support the development of our site even when things got tough. He definitely made the journey of starting a business easier! He's a great person to work alongside with. He's young and optimistic with his designs, energetic and easy to work with. He'll always be my number one choice."
Denny DeBruhl
"Corey is very talented and is the best web designer I know in this industry, fully understanding and always working to achieve and go beyond expectations, he is very delightful to work with and has been a huge help with many of my projects. I look forward to more projects with him in the near future."
"Corey is an outstanding web developer! If it wasn't for him, my website wouldn't be gaining the attention it is. He works insanely hard and holds his clients to the highest standard. Simply incredible."
"Corey is an amazing guy to work with, not only does his work look amazing, he got it done in a timely manner. His code is clean and efficient. He keeps you updated all the time on the progress, and is a really nice guy to talk with. I would recommend him to everyone."
"Corey is a person everyone should ask for in life. Happy, enthusiastic, helpful, professional and has a great variety of skills that are demanded in the industry nowadays. In fact, without him, GainPositivity wouldn't exist."
Sebastian LipiƄski
"Corey's service was exceptional, and very high quality. Overall, he is a great website developer and I would highly suggest you hire him for whatever kind of site you may need."
"Corey is one of the best web developers that I have ever worked with. His tenacity, passion and dedication proved to make an awesome website. Any revisions were made right away and Corey had no problem updating things. His designs have a fresh appeal that will showcase any product you want to offer in an amazing manner."
Ethan Day