I'm a Web Designer and UI/UX Designer that uses design as a medium to infuse ideas with reality.

Using design as a medium to
infuse ideas with reality.

Corey Donenfeld

Designer & Developer

Merging your vision with my design.
Creating a unique and engaging user experience.
Making your brand have a lasting impact.

What I do

I tell stories about brands that compel, engage, and connect.

Creative Solutions
Creative Solutions
Creativity is infused throughout layouts, animations, interactions, colors that speak volumes. Websites that communicate to your users, resulting in seamless experiences.
User Experience
Visual Design
Designs that look and feel good, communicating the proper messaging. Functional and versatile designs that appeal to your target audience.
Brand Exploration
Brand identities that encompass who your company is, values, and strives to be. They “wow” you for the sheer fact that they are so spot-on.
About Me

Why choose me?

I work with startup companies and freelancers to create beautiful and creative websites, visual designs, logos, and brands.

I expand beyond the ordinary and form creative solutions.

Taking complex ideas and turning them into extraordinary websites, designs, and brands.


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