Corey Donenfeld - Web & UI/UX Designer

Freelance designer based in New York. I use design as a medium to create lasting experiences.

What is my background?

I am a high school student currently working as an intern at Studio Simpatico. I have been developing websites for around a year and designing for two years. I have always been interested in design, and how items interact with each other. I am creative, courageous and a self-learner!

About Me

I am a designer that loves creating lasting experiences through websites. I have worked with several startup companies and infused my creativity with their business to create them a stunning website.

I create modern, clean, well-organized, easy to use and great functioning websites. I am fluent in HTML + CSS, semi-fluent in JavaScript, and have experience in PHP + MySQL.

A major factor to all of the websites I create is expanding beyond the restrictions and forming a creative solution. Creativity is a big part of my identity, and as I create more designs I continue to extend my creative abilities further and further. I take complex ideas and turn them into well-developed websites that are an important part of any companies brand.

The possibilities are infinite and I look forward to working with you to make the impossible, possible.

"You don’t think your way to creative work. You work your way to creative thinking."

- George Nelson

Worked with

Saphire Studios

Denny DeBruhl




Zero Tolerance