January 2018
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Fixy is freelance render artist who uses both Physical and V-Ray render engine to create unique and phenomenal renders.

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2 Weeks


Ethan Day


Web and Logo Design

01 The Challenge

Fixy required a website to show off his work, have a method of contact for clients and demonstrate the process and methods of rendering. Fixy used to have his portfolio on imgur but desired something more professional, which is where we discussed and came up with the ideas of what would become his current site.

Animations were a big part of this project and it took quite some time to perfect them and make sure they were coherent with the design and style.


02 Logos

Fixy's logo was created with the motivation of being used as a watermark for his renders. At first, the lettering was very simple. After going through some sketches, we came up with the idea of an interlocking character design. The lettermark has parallel lines with the "X" and "Y", and the "F", "X", and "Y" all line up.


Secondary Lettermark

03 Web Design

The website was created for easy user access. The landing page shows off his process by incorporating images with the text to increase the experience. The portfolio page was the main focus, including a grid layout that showed more information when you hovered over each project and when you clicked on it a popup showed a description with access to fullscreen the image and select between different projects.

Load-in Animation

Landing Page

Portfolio Page

Portfolio Project Popup

Portfolio Project Fullwidth

Dark Theme

A dark theme was implemented to give the user an ease on their eyes while looking at Fixy's portfolio.
The theme switcher was crucial to the user experience.

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"Corey is one of the best web developers that I have ever worked with. His tenacity, passion and dedication proved to make an awesome website that was functioning within the first two weeks regardless that I had no deadline. Any revisions were made right away and Corey had no problem updating things. His designs have a fresh appeal that will showcase any product you want to offer in an amazing manner. I have personally recommended his sites to several friends as I believe them to be a huge asset to your personal online presence, especially when the result you receive is so wonderfully made."
Ethan Day

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