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Saphire Studios

December 2017
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Saphire Studios is a Minecraft build team that specializes in creating unique builds for all to experience.

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4 Weeks


Saphire Studios


Web Design & UX Design

01 The Challenge

Saphire Studios needed a website that was professional yet creative that would appeal to a general audience. Using Saphire Studios' content was a big part of the site mission and goal. Keeping the user engaged with content at all times was a crucial idea to creating a phenomenal user experience.

The first concept I created was too childish and the next was too modern, finding a good balance that would appeal to the target audience was the main factor in the design style.


02 Web Design

The website was a big part of Saphire Studios' brand identity, which made the design and use of content crucial. In every page, there is a build of theirs or a piece of content they created. The user was never looking on a page without seeing something that resembles Saphire Studios. Subtle, yet clean looking animations were a big part of increasing the user attention.

Landing Page

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About Team Profile Cards

Every member of Saphire Studios needed to have more information about them. The card popup as you clicked on the persons logo, was a key way to solve this need.

Porfolio Page

Contact Page

Portfolio Popup

Apply Page

Contact CTA

"Corey has been a big help throughout my company's life, he's been there to support the development of our site even when things got tough. He definitely made the journey of starting a business easier! He's a great person to work alongside with. He's young and optimistic with his designs, energetic and easy to work with. He'll always be my number one choice."

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Web and UX Design