December 2017
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Skardians ambition is to provide the best cheap Minecraft server hosting there is. They provide the best customer experience and are community focused.

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2 Weeks




Web Design & UI/UX Design

01 The Challenge

Skardian is the child company of Skynode and was made to have a more clean & modern feel to the website. Finding the mix between staying with their target audience and fulfilling the modern feel was a bit of a challenge at first. As the design became more coherent, everything fell into place and the site functioned and exceeded standards.

A red color scheme, that had minimal variation besides the gradient from lighter red to a darker red was the color choice made by Skardian's owners.


02 Web Design

The red color scheme was chosen in alignment with the purpose and design of the site. A challenge faced, was finding a clean font that helped portray what the site was aiming to achieve. The finished website went above and beyond the standards, exceeding the initial expectations. The site was delivered within two weeks and has had high success.

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