I'm a Web Designer and UI/UX Designer that uses design as a medium to infuse ideas with reality.

Donenfeld Management

Donenfeld Management

Donenfeld Management is a boutique business management firm based in New York City for creative professionals.


July 2018


4 Months


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01 - What I did

Project Overview

I worked with Donenfeld Management to create them a new brand identity as well as a brand-new innovative website. The new website is responsive, modern, clean, and utilizes smooth animations & transitions to create a beautiful site. The balance between offering a detailed description for the services subpages and creating a unique and engaging experience was a challenge. The new logo is simple, yet recognizable and good looking. The whole brand follows and a monochromatic color guideline and looks excellent.


Brand Identity

Web Design

Logo Design

Visual Style

Business Card Design

02 - Visual Style

Colors & Typography


# 232528


# eef1f5


# ffffff

Donenfeld Management

Font Weights & Styles

Main Copy

Neuzeit Grotesk Regular


Neuzeit Grotesk Semibold

Headings & Callouts

Neuzeit Grotesk Bold

03 - Logos

Logo Types

The new logo is simple, yet recognizable and good looking. The logo follows the same brand monochromatic color guideline and looks fresh & modern.
01 Light Wordmark
02 Dark Wordmark
The business Cards

Donenfeld Management needed a refresh on their business cards to match the new and improved branding. The business cards follow the corresponding brand monochromatic color treatment. They convey critical information, such as name, email, position, and phone number efficiently. The business cards are simple, and memorable, effectively leading to more conversations.

04 - Web Design

The Finished