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A software development organization that focuses on providing quality products to all clients worldwide.


September 2018


3 Months


01 - What I did

The Challenge

Xyliase is a software development organization that values extremely high-quality products and results. Xyliase strives to stop cheating in games, and revert games to how they are supposed to be played. They needed to develop a brand that spoke to what they believed in and what they aim to achieve.

The logo represents Xyliase as a strong, bold, and memorable brand. The website leaves an effectual impression on the user amidst the clean, beautiful, sleek, and easy to use site. The online web panel makes tracking results of the tool easier than ever, with a comprehensive design. The tool has a great & simple UI, ensuring that people get the maximum possible effect out of Xyliase.


Creative Direction

User Experience

Product Design

Visual Style

User Interface

Web Design

Logo Design

Brand Identity

02 - Branding

Colors & Typography


# 2e83ff


# 97cbff


# 20262f


# f0f1f3


# ffffff

Xyliase Tools

Font Weights & Styles

Main Copy

Filson Pro Regular


Filson Pro Semibold

Headings & Callouts

Filson Pro Bold

03 - Logo Design

Logo Types

Xyliase has a strong mission to end cheating in games once and for all. The logo we worked to create speaks to this mission, with a bold and geometric typeface that is strong and austere.

The abstract mark plays into the idea that there is only one to stop cheating, and cheating ending is the only outcome. Starting at the bottom, and going up a slope, to reach the middle area of whitespace, where finally up into the abyss where cheating will be put to an end. The abstract mark utilizes the Azure and Maya blue's in order to impress the mark as an important piece to Xyliase's brand.
01 Abstract Mark
02 Dark Combination Mark
03 Light Combination Mark

04 - Website & Product Design

Website &
Product Design

“Corey is an outstanding web developer! If it wasn’t for him, my website wouldn’t be gaining the attention it is. He works insanely hard and holds his clients to the highest standard. Simply incredible.”

Kejsi Seitllari

Xyliase needed a site that was easy to use, informative, yet looked appealing and was engaging. The website was the core of the branding and organization. The beautiful, yet simple layout provided valuable content that looked exceptional, and created a site that was overall very excellent. The simple hover interactions and minimal animations helped form a well-crafted site that engages users into the product while apprising them about the importance of putting an end to cheating (and why Xyliase will be the one to put an end to cheating).

Subpage Designs

The subpages tell a narrative about what Xyliase is, who they work with, how to get in touch with them, and also a store where you can purchase the tool.

The subpages go into depth about each of these ideas and inform the user about ultimately why they should go with Xyliase to assist ending cheating forever.

Web Panel

The web panel

The online web panel makes tracking results of the tool easier than ever, with a comprehensive design. The panel combines the general design direction of the marketing site with the simplicity of the tool to result in a well-rounded panel that is easy to interact with and understand data from.

Ban Panel

The ban panel is a crucial aspect to the web panel as it shows a comprehensive list of all the results from the tool with sorting capabilities and relevant data.